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About Focus Systems

Focus Systems Limited is a telemetric company that is innovative and dynamic in nature, The Company is an indigenous telecom system company. The great idea to incorporate this company was borne out of burning desire of a team of five young, vibrant, focused, deFocus managementtermined and dedicated professionals based in Nigeria, armed with numerous years of professional expertise in ICT (Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Others Security solutions), Banking, Marketing and other Businesses.

We are set to deliver unmatched state of the art, customized telecom security solution to the Nigerian. We are not unaware of the competition in the industry that is why we have incorporated do it yourself technologic, trust, cost effective techniques and expertise to stand the competitive gap. We are very sure of the quality of the products and services we are introducing to the Nigeria market, so as to gain the competitive edge for which we are known for with the help from our technical partners from Asia and Europe.

Our Core Values
Our organization is driven and shaped by what we believe in. It is this shared and passionate belief that runs through everyone involved in the business, which reflects a set of values that echo our (can do approach.) Everything we do is informed and measured by these values.

To be the best provider customized telecom security solutions to the generality of the Nigeria Public.

We strive to build a national telecom security solution producer, in which each of our strategic business units is a leader in it specificity.

Our Team
We have a team of well-equipped and innovative professionals that are tested and trusted with over 25 years cumulative experience in diverse business areas but most importantly telemetric field equipped with the highest quality and most proven tracking and recovery records within our economy, we also maintain a keen focus on valve for money throughout our product ranges.

As a very proactive assets management/security outfit, we offer a wide range of high customized tracking and recovery services deploying sophisticated solutions from Asia and Europe.


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