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Focus Systems Tracking Solution
FS-Track- Basic tracking solution tailored to meet the risk management need of our customers at a pocket friendly price, and


  • Where are you (WRU) – This can be sent by the users from their cell phones to know the location of their vehicles real time. This however comes with limited access.

  • Panic alarm – This is a feature activated in the event of distress to send message to our control centre for help.

  • Remote immobilization – Ability to stop and restart your vehicle by sending commands from your cell phone to a designated number.

  • Visual Where are you (VWRU)- This is sent from the user’s cell phone and the feedback is inform of visual map of the location of the vehicle. This can only be achieved through Wap enabled phones.

  • Call Centre Facility - Unlimited access to our excellent customer service facility through which other value added services like web locate, odometer reading and synchronization, etc can be enjoyed.

As you can see, we are have  an open system that is scalable to suit several purposes from stolen vehicle recovery to robust and complex fleet management solutions.
Our service is based on years of successful and practical experience, the principle that your project is expedited “right first time”.

Our packages have been designed to be responsive to your needs and based on our product and the knowledge of the worth of your vehicles, we have aimed to meet your needs by assuring that;

  • Due consideration is given to future upgrade opportunities for you.
  • Customer service is geared towards your total satisfaction all through your service with us.

We would be pleased to have further discussions with you and demonstrate our services that will be of great value to your company.



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